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  • In Tune with Your Business
    Our team has expertise in commercial law, offering dedicated and personalized support in an effort to best understand the background and interests of each unique client.
  • Preparation, Preparation, Preparation
    Our approach is based on thorough preparation. We work to win our cases in our boardroom, not in the courtroom.
  • Strong Relationships Focused on Your Success
    Our partners maintain strong working relationships with other professionals and attempt to coordinate multi-disciplinary teams for our clients.
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Commercial Law

We advise clients on all aspects of commercial and financial transactions and negotiations.

Business Organizations Law

We provide advice to private and public business organizations in all phases of business development.

Property Related Laws

Our firm provides expertise in the fields of acquisition & disposal of premises, secured lending.

Bankruptcy and Liquidation Law

We offer services related to planning, re-structuring, and litigation strategy.


We are proud to have some of the most experienced, reputable, and well-known litigators in the country.

Dispute Resolution

Our firm is able to offer our clients renowned arbitrators who are experts in both domestic and international contexts.


Professional services offered to our clients encompass banking-related matters such as security documentation arrangements.

Tourism and Leisure

Encompass all aspects of tourism and leisure industry related matters, drafting lease agreements, and framing terms of business.


Manage construction contract documentation and conduct contract negotiations.

New & Developing Areas of Omani Law

Able to advise on all areas including Tax Law, Intellectual Property and Copyright Law, Employment Law etc.



  • Established Reputation
    Our firm has built a loyal and substantial client base through our persistent commitment to integrity, high quality work, and elevated service.
  • Multilingual Services
    Our intuitive team speaks a variety of languages, including: English, Arabic, French, Urdu, Hindi.
  • Community Involvement
    The firm and its staff are proud to contribute to numerous causes, charities, and groups in the region.
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