Government Relations & Regulatory




So much of successful business in Oman and indeed the Gulf generally, involves understanding and liaising with government officials and departments. This can be from establishing the business, obtaining permits necessary for your undertaking or project, through to discussing and even drafting and shaping best practice and legislation. We at Al Sheaily recognise the fundamental importance of maintaining good relationships and clear communication channels with Omani government officials and departments. We are lawyers not politicians however and we understand our primary role is in advising and helping clients succeed. The Omani government has created a legal environment to foster business success so it is our responsibility to take clients through that environment to help them achieve their business goals.

Sometimes it is not just what the law says but the practice of how it is applied that is what is important. For this reason we have members of our team spending many hours down at the Ministries, building relationships and obtaining knowledge beneficial to clients, on how laws and regulations are applied.

Several members of our team have many years experience liaising at State Executive level on behalf of clients and indeed acting for governments and/or State-owned entities. For example Mohammed Al Sheaily, in addition to advising various Oman State departments has also advised on a confidential basis many senior business and political leaders in Oman on private matters. As has Abdulfatah Jalal, who in addition to being a former senior judge, has also participated in drafting and negotiating a wide range of regulations and indeed Treaties. Leigh Hall has spent many years counselling companies and governments in the development and financing of large-scale projects involving infrastructure, power, oil and gas, and petrochemicals. From his base in Oman, he acts for a wide range of businesses in building relationships with governments and quasi-governmental entities, with a focus on the Middle East, Africa and China regions and the trade and business relationships between such regions. Finally, Martin Brown, in his role as legal adviser to a multitude of regional and international financial institutions, as well as in relation to various State bond issues, has forged deep and respected relationships at State level in many countries in the region.